Friday, March 30, 2007

My PERFECT baby!!!

Now, I'm not saying this kid is any more perfect than yours, except to me that is.

We all spent the last 3 days in the hospital after an emergency C-Section, but everyone is doing GREAT and all safe and sound at home now.

I was even able to sneak out for a run or two!

More later after my head stops spinning, and before next Wednesday, my 50th birthday!! Yikes....


Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I have NO WORDS!!! Connor Patrick and mom are doing great. Home on Friday.. and more then!!!



Friday, March 23, 2007

NON Stress Test???? Yea right.

I ask you... When they do a "Non Stress test" on a pregnant woman, past her due date, just WHO'S stress are they measuring?
All I can tell you is that in this weeks doctor visit, my wife was given one of these non-stress tests and passed. Passed?
Not if it was measuring HER stress!
So still 1 centimeter. No new news on the baby front except "statically speaking, you will probably deliver within the next 5 days". Gotta love it when they reduce my little miracle to a statistic.
All still goes well with my diet and running. Eating very healthy these days and running like a crazy man. I think I know that when the baby comes, my running will be reduced a lot, so I'm trying to cram in as much running as I can before that happens. I've run every day for the past 2 weeks, with the exception of one day off. The nice weather keeps calling my name!
On a lighter note...
Did I ever mention to you that my current "youngest" child happens to be a set of twin boys?
Yep.. twin boys who turned 23 this past Tuesday. Twin boys attending THE Ohio State University, turning 23 during SPRING BREAK in Florida! I keep turning on MTV praying not to see them with some body part fuzzed out!
So this past Tuesday night, at 2:00 am, my phone rings, waking me and more importantly my "non-stressed" stressed out wife, who never went back to sleep! Oh and the reason he called me (other than to scare the CRAP outta me)? His so called buddies took him out, got him drunk, and thought it would be funny to leave him lost in a strange place.
I ask you, is it a sign of my age that I see nothing funny about doing this to someone?

Monday, March 19, 2007


I believe I made myself VERY clear that I expected this kid to make it's presence known on St. Patty's Day!! Well, this is me on St. Patty's Day and I don't see a baby!! Do you??????? I see me and green beer. That's it!

So I'm afraid I must punish the brat.. so.. he/she is grounded for a full 2 weeks after birth! That's right! No leaving the house at all for the first two weeks!

Sorry you all had to see this. But if I don't take action now, I could be posting an update soon sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap... ALL ALONE!!

More later, after I calm down. ;-)


Friday, March 16, 2007

What The Heck!!??

I guess it's MY fault. After our doctor visit last week, and hearing my wife was one centimeter, I had assumed we would hear something a little more hopeful than "Still one centimeter" at yesterdays visit. I mean, after all it's been a whole week! I ask you, what the heck has my wife been doing all week ;-) (Relax, she doesn't read this blog) ???

I've been wanting a St. Patty's baby anyway. So she still has some time!

On the running front, I think I may have gotten a tad too excited when the weather broke! I've run every day now since last Friday! That's 8 days in a row! Man am I sleepy......

Still eating very well and probably lost another couple of pounds this week, heading toward "Baby Weight"!

And on top of all that, still MORE good news this week too! Did I mention I was turning 50 next month? Or that I was having a baby any day now?? How about my daughter getting married in July? Yea, I think I have. But I may have failed to mention that 2 of my older kids will graduate in May! YEE HAAA!!!

One of my son's (twins) will graduate from THE Ohio State University with his undergrad degree next month. All 4 of my older kids have either graduated from OSU, of will within the next year! Care to contribute to the "Kevin is poor Education Fund"?

But the best news is that my daughter will graduate in May from Capital Law School and she got a full time job this week! YES! She will be an attorney for a judge in Columbus, Ohio. What a weight off my mind this is!

It's all good..... Peace

Friday, March 9, 2007

Why Is This Lady Smiling?

Even though MarathonChris made a written, legally binding contract to mention me in her brand spanking new podcast, it appears that that did not happen. Although I am no attorney, I would "assume" the penalty for such a grievance would include some jail time!! Bet she isn't smiling after she finds out that guy with the hairy back is in that cell with her! So what I need is to get as many witnesses as soon as possible! So please head over to MarathonChris' website at: and give a listen to the newest RunCast in the world and be prepared to be called in on this case. That's as much as I think I should mention, until I speak with my team of attorneys. Well except to say Chris' podcast is very cool. Centered, as her life is, around a running/family theme. Is there a better combination to center your life around?

On the baby front....

We JUST got back from this weeks doctor visit and I have 2 words for ya...

Well, I guess I could add YIKES also.

Not that anything else matters right now, but my running continues to improve. Six miles this morning. The weather seems to have broken FINALLY and I hope this mornings run is my last in tights, sweatshirt, cap and gloves! Up into the 60's tomorrow so HELLO SHORTS!

And my weight is slowly dropping too! Maybe I'll lose more if all I have to pick from is hospital food!!


Monday, March 5, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust!

First it was a mention on Phedippidations (Why do I always have to look up the spelling of that!), and now not only did Nigel give me a mention (yes, I'm the Kevin he spoke about surprising his wife by proposing in a BBC interview in Manchester England after a 10k a few years ago) but he also linked my blog to his web site AND mentioned me in the same podcast as MarathonChris! ;-) Hi Chris. It was a good weekend. Now that just leaves Adam to conquer! I can't afford to track him down, wherever the heck he is today, but I'll get to him somehow! ;-)

Same Ole Same Ole on the baby front. My wife continues to find it more and more difficult to walk, stand, sleep, and eat. Other than that, no biggie. Honey, did you know the gestation period of elephants is 22 months?

We have started packing for the hospital. My wife is expecting me to stay at the hospital with her. I'm a tad apprehensive about this one, but I packed a bag also. Wonder what else I need besides my camera and Power Bars? This is yet another new one on me. I was in the room during my other 4 kids births, but this time I'm being asked questions like "Will I be staying in the room with my wife" and "Will I be cutting the umbilical cord". Cut what?? Uhm.. is this gonna hurt anyone???????? Yea, I know, but still. I am having dreams about my new daughter hating me when she is a teenager, blaming ME for her "Outtie" bully button!

So enough about me! Everyone make sure to check out the NEWEST MARATHON RUNNER on the planet, Susan! That's her over there, still smiling after all those miles! She ran and finished the Little Rock Marathon on Sunday, March 4 and is still on the HIGH! Great job Susan, you stud you! If you are like me, you love to read about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and Susan just did that! She and I have never met, but sometimes when my alarm goes off, and my eyes fight with me not to open, I think about her and what she is doing, and I get out of bed and on the road. My eyes don't like Susan and much as I do. ;-) Check out the great details of her latest extraordinary event, then get off the darn couch and move!
BTW.. Lost another pound in the past few days too. Won't be looking in the Lost & Found for it though!