Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Happy!!

It's been a whole YEAR already!!!!! OMG! My "little" boy is celebrating his first birthday today!

I'm sure you are all wondering what you can get him too. So here's a little help:

Please feel free to send your significant contributions to:


I will be accepting contributions for the next 17 years. Thanks in advance for your HUGE checks.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back from the beach

So we are back from the beach just about a week, and it seems like months since I was there!! Whats up with that? Needless to say, we had a GREAT time.

We escaped Cincinnati JUST IN TIME too! It was snowing so badly when we left that we had to sit in the plane for an hour while they de-iced us. But we did got out of town!

The day we escaped, Cincinnati was hit with over a foot of snow that closed the city down.. all the while I was running in the sun in shorts! Life is Good.

Last Saturday, the 3 of us entered our first 5k together. Well, we REALLY entered the 10k but Connor decided HE wanted to stop after the first 5k. So dad stopped with him and mom did the second loop and ran the 10k.

I guess the little guy needs to do some more long runs!

Now lastly, I ask you, specifically you women with children out there. Who (and WHY!) names their shoes? Connor's mom has started buying these shoes called "pedipeds"? Very cute shoes but they actually NAME the models. Yea, real boys names.. Andrew, Charlie, Conner (obviously spelled WRONG). So every time my wife talks with a girlfriend about the shoes, the conversations goes something like this:

"I bought Connor some Ethan's yesterday that are SO cute"
"I LOVE those. Have you seen Harvey and Jake yet? Adorable!!"

And there I stand just shaking my head.....