Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's All Downhill From Here!

What a year it's been for me so far, but after this past weekend, it's ALL downhill from here!

Everything went perfectly at and my oldest pulled off a fantastic party for all!

More later after I've had a chance to catch my breath!

And seriously.. I KNOW I'm a proud father.. but does anyone know any Exec's at GERBER? ;-)


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another BIG Weekend for Kevin!

Yep, that's ME over there. The one in the middle!

I gained a new PERFECT baby son just 15 weeks ago and now, after 27 years, I'm losing one of my PERFECT daughters. :-(

After almost a year long engagement, with Daddy in complete denial, in just a few short days I will be walking my baby down that isle and turn her over to another man. *Sigh*

But I've decided that this is ALL good. Just another great moment in this unbelievable year in my life!

So I've got my seat belt strapped tight and I'm ready for the ride... well, at least until I have to dance with the beautiful bride.

For those of you who are NOT listening to The Extra Mile Podcast (and I'm taking names), my training for a couple of half marathons this fall is going pretty good. I now have a training plan I will read in detail, digest, and begin tackling it first thing next week after my big weekend! It always tends to re-energize me when I have a goal and a plan. We shall see. Hopefully the weather will cooperate too and the MILLION degree heat will subside!

Everyone have a GREAT weekend and let you know how I survived this weekend soon.


Friday, July 6, 2007

TAG! I'm IT!

Melisa tagged me, God love her.. ;-P

So here goes.. 6 wierd things about me:

1. I am a total Beatles NUT! In fact, just last month, on June 18, I bought a birthday cake and we celebrated Paul McCartney's 65th birthday!

2. I am addicted to my iPod! In fact, there are 3 people in my house (including my 3 month old son) and there are 5 iPods!!!

3. I am SO anal with logging my running! Don't believe me? I began running on January 1, 1984 and have logged EVERY run since. In case you are interested... As of the end of May, 2007, I have run 34,307.8 miles in 5473 runs since I began running. That's an average of 6.27 miles every time I head out of the door. NOW you believe me?

4. I proposed to my wife on LIVE BBC TV at the end of the largest 10k road race in England. Check it out, Paragraph 15: http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/s/117/117593_great_run_bonanza_for_charities.html

5. I am also addicted to Podcasts. I listen to NO radio anymore.

6. I have this blog and am helping with a podcast, but my wife has never read or listened to either.

There you have it. Hope you still talk to me after you see how weird I am!


Monday, July 2, 2007



I hope you don't mind me dropping you a quick email to tell you about a new podcast that I'm involved with called the 'Extra Mile Podcast'.

It's a new podcast which has been put together by Marathon Chris, Kevin Bonks and myself to follow the progress of runners during the current training for the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon in October 2007.

In each episode we'll have audio updates from a number of runners to let you know how they are doing with their training.

We're also looking for other runners (like you!) to maybe drop us an audio comment from time to time to let us know that you are out there, and how you are doing with your training. If you'd like to contribute any audio (1 or 2 minutes in an MP3 file would be great!), then visit the podcast web site at : http://www.theextramilepodcast.com/

If you'd like to subscribe to the new podcast, you can subscribe in iTunes, or with other podcatchers, using the two buttons below :

In Episode #1 you can hear us introducing the show and there's even an appearance by a certain Mr Steve Runner !

I hope you enjoy the new show, and don't worry, Running From The Reaper will continue as normal (look out for a new show later this week).