Monday, August 27, 2007

I Have Changed My Mind!

If you have been listening to The Extra Mile Podcast, you will know that my running has really been suffering lately with the 95-100 degree temperatures I've been running in here in Cincinnati. It's hurt my training goals as well an my spirits. And I bet this may be happening to some of you as well (I won't bet a LOT of money though)!

But honestly, after our last episode, I have decided to to completely change my mind and, more importantly, my attitude!

It now seems SO silly to let Mother Nature ruin my running fun! Why the heck do I care if I have to stay in on the treadmill on a day when it's 100 degrees outside? Who cares? Why do I care that I have to walk a little and run only 5 miles when my schedule calls for 7? What the heck? Really!

I REFUSE to lose sight of why I REALLY run.. it's a damn blast and it makes me feel SO good!

You would be amazed if I were to line up every friend I have (you all included) and then ask them each to raise their hands if we met through running. I have no doubt that 90% of them would raise their hands! And as if that were not cool enough, think of it this way...

How many friends would I have without running? Pretty darn lonely!!

So no more! If Mother Nature wants to be like that, so be it! Have your way woman! I do not care anymore! I will still be out there running, ever so slow, maybe walking, but out there! And when she decides to lighten up on me, I'll get back on my training schedule.

No Biggy..


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Changing Perspectives

It totally amazes me each day when I think about how the birth of a baby can completely change the way I look at the entire world!

My Pre-Connor life continues to fade quickly in the rear view mirror and I say Good Riddance!

Why would I care that my wife and I can't go on our usual nice vacation this summer? Punta Cana will still be there long after the last of the Pampers are stuffed deep in the Diaper Genie!

Why would I care that we don't go out to eat at nice restaurants these days? Filet Mignon will wait. The spit up on my shirt needs to be addressed right now!

The new car I had my heart set on will still be on the show room floor in a few years. The jogging stroller will be empty before I know it and no new car will ever compete with a trip around the block with the jogging stroller.

In the blink of an eye, (well, actually in the 10 minutes of an emergency C-Section) my life was turned completely on it's head, and I have to tell you.... Looking at life upside down is damn sweet!


Friday, August 3, 2007

Where The Heck Have I Been????

I feel like I haven't been keeping up this blog, which to me means I've not been staying in touch with my friends! So for that I'm sorry!
It seems a lot of my free time, which isn't very much, is being spent on The Extra Mile Podcast.
Now I'm NOT complaining. I'm loving what Chris, Nigel and I are doing over there, but I miss all of you guys!
My training has been going rather well. Getting the miles in, along with a couple of good "quality" runs in each week. I feel like I'm getting much stranger and in better shape and if this 1000 degree weather ever breaks, I'll FLY!!
Things have slowed down (as much as they can slow down with a 4 month old baby) at home.
Although NO ONE has ever loved fatherhood more than I do, and I absolutely loved raising my 4 older children, the experience of raising this new baby is like nothing I've done before.
The diapers are just as poopy ;-) , changing my shirt all the time when it gets spit up on still sucks, and not being able to run out of the door anytime I want can still hamper my night life (yea right.. in bed at 9:30 every night!). But there is something different this time around.
Maybe it's that I'm just in a different point in my life. Maybe I don't get flustered like I used to. Maybe I'm about finished trying to climb this corporate ladder I started working on almost 30 years ago now, but it's different in a GREAT way!
If I have 30 minutes of free time, I suck up this kid in my arms and try like HECK to teach him to say "Daddy". He's no where close, but I'm more patient these days too. If he's awake, he's in my arms or we are playing. Yea.. he's completely spoiled. Neighbors pick him up and he cries for mom or dad. Too darn bad. Live with it. No guilt here!
So I'll keep doing The Extra Mile deal in my spare time and update this blog when I can, but please accept my apologies in advance if my postings are not quite as often as they should be.
It's not because I don't think of you all. I still read what you are saying on your blogs. I haven't disappeared...
I have a baby to spoil...