Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So, it's been 15 years since I last did a marathon (Twin Cities, 4 hrs, 48 mins) and although it was a great marathon, it wasn't as much fun as it could/should have been.

The months of training I did left me on the couch most weekends trying to recover from my long runs. Although I was MUCH younger then, my body wasn't in the mood for 50+ miles with spead work thrown in for good measure, and I was ALWAYS on the verge of injury.

If I had a bad long run (slower than I wanted to run), I was in a bad mood until my next long run. If my speed work was not up to par, again I was agry until my next GOOD speed work session.

See a pattern here?

So for the past 15 years, running another marathon has never been far from my mind. The thoughts have usually been followed closely by "No way you can go through that again"!! And I still think that is the case, but....

What if there was a way I could train for a marathon and NOT spend the rest of the weekend or day on the couch? What if I could do it with a smile on my face? What if I could run 4 days a week and not have to put in 50+ miles?

Well, I've looked around, done a LOT of homework, and decided to swallow the Jeff Galloway Run/Walk/Run method!

If this stuff works, which I firmly believe it will, this next marathon, my 6th, will be the most fun I've ever had training for and running one!

So on February 1st, the first day of open registration, I entered the Chicago Marathon and have officially started this experiment.

And there is more... but I'm not just ready to announce the details yet. but soon... very soon.

So for a while, this blog will become my written documentation of how this deal is coming along.

Stay tuned....