Monday, December 24, 2007


Monday, December 3, 2007

He's Making His List!!

The Internet really IS the best thing ever invented, and it's only at Christmas that I truly appreciate it. While you nutty woman (I use that term in a loving way) get up at 2:00 am the day after Thanksgiving to shop, there I sit, mouse in one hand, Starbucks Venti in the other, and blast through my shopping list faster than you can say I Love You Al Gore!
Seriously, I have ordered so much over the Internet I now have to stop so I have something to buy when my wife and I take a day off work to shop together!

It's the only thing that keeps me from screaming BAH, HUMBUG at the top of my lungs during this time of year. I'm not a shopper at all! I can't stand the crowds. I can't stand waiting in lines, I can't stand wasting a tank of gas trying to find a parking space in the same zip code as the mall I'm shopping at!

So, along with my Christmas shopping, my running and cross training are going pretty well. I've been running (although a lot less miles) 4 times a week and getting my swole on ;-) twice a week.

I STILL wish there was some way I could make myself enjoy lifting weights like I do running. I always feel very good AFTER I lift, but I generally have to make myself get to the gym and lift. But I'll keep it up, or try anyway, and see how things go. Is should be easier to keep it up during the cold winter months!

So that's it from Cincinnati. Hope everything is going well in your part of the world. Maybe you should let me know how it's going over at The Extra Mile Podcast!!!!!