Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beaches Here I COME!!

A lousy day at the beach still beats a great day in the office! This is what's keeping me going these days!

I'm about over The Mother Of All Colds, coughing only occasionally, and although my running is SSSSSLLLLLLOOOOOWWWW these days, at least I'm running.

In a little over a week now, my wife, son and me will be heading for the North Carolina coast for a family vacation. Not nearly long enough (only 4 days), but better than braving the Cincinnati winter temperatures these days!

I ask you, is there anything more fun that running while you are on vacation? I just LOVE heading out of the door in a strange place to explore! I usually get up early, in enough time to get out and back before my little buddy wakes up. I explore the place and usually am able to find a cute little breakfast dive we can hit. Aren't those always the best places? I'm very pumped about the trip.

In addition (KNOCK ON WOOD), other than some small remnants of this cold, I have no nagging aches or pains! It's the first time in months I can say that!

So to recap.... Vacation, Running, Great Breakfast Dives, Sun, Beaches, Healthy.

Life is good.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I officially HATE winter!!!

I don't snow ski. I haven't played hockey since I was 15 and lived in Minnesota. My back hurts when I shovel. My nose runs from October through March. There is NOTHING I like about this season!!

OK, there IS Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and building snowmen. There is that whole "laying by a fire during a snowfall" thing too.

This winter season has been particularly bad on my running and health in general.

I've been WAY sicker than any winter season in memory. And this has of course resulted in my running SUCKING too. Which of course depresses me, which makes me eat more, which leads too... Yes, it's a damn snowball!!

Hear my frustration yet? Step closer if you need to. If misery loves company, have a seat in front of the fire and prop your feet my friend.

The only thing that will help get me out of this winter rut, I fear, is either a complete and FINAL break in this Ohio weather (prop your feet right over there Melisa), a quick trip to sunny Orlando (scoot over a tad Chris), or at the VERY least, an end to all these crazy colds I have gotten this season!!

But if I look closely, I might see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

If I squint, I swear I can see a trip to a North Carolina beach in a couple of weeks. And if I look closer, I may see the official first day of spring only about a month away!

All that is fine, but in the mean time, any suggestions for beating (no wait, not just beating. I'd really like to PUMMEL) the common cold??? Or maybe the not-so-common one?

Peace.... *cough, cough*

Monday, February 4, 2008


One of these is a cute little vessel that collects and grows germs and viruses, allowing them to spread to humans, causing the sniffles, various aches and pains, and sleepless nights.

The other is a petri dish!!!

Now I realize I turned 50 this past year, but I refuse to believe that has anything to do with the fact that I have gotten 3 nasty colds in the past 7 months! Hey wait, 7 months just happens to be the same amount of time that my son, Connor, has been attending day care. hmmm.. How odd!

And I'm not just talking about slight colds. I'm talking about no running, sleep in the other room, coughing till my abs ache COLDS!! And they last almost 2 weeks.
If there is any good news in any of this, it's that I am about 90% over my third cold now. And just in time too! It was 56 degrees today and I HAD to get outside in it! 6 miles later, much of it spent caughing like I had one lung, and I feel much better!

Hope you all are getting through winter without these colds! but if you feel left out, send me an airline ticket and I'll ship you my cute little petri dish for a few days!!