Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baptism DRESS for my son????

Big weekend coming up! Connor gets baptized on Sunday and we will have a house full of family in town for the big event! So my wife tells me that there exists a "family Christening gown" that her aunt is sending. All or many of the kids in her generation were baptized in this gown, and how nice it would be to carry on the family tradition.

OK, enough of the background.... I ask you... would YOU take your SON out of the house in this????? Gown? I think not! When did GOWN become a synonym for DRESS???

Two things I can tell you.. 1. Connor will NOT be wearing this "gown" this weekend and 2. He will be told as soon as he is old enough that Daddy had NOTHING to do with putting this thing on him or taking this picture! Hope no permanent damage has been done to my son!
On to more manly things...

I'm gearing up my mileage for a fall half marathon, which may be the half at US Air Force Marathon at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio in September with Melisa. We have been discussing either running together or at the very least meeting each other before and after the race. How cool would that be? Running the Air Force Half with a VETERAN!!

So I am increasing my base. I've steadily moved from the low 20 miles a week to the low/mid 30's. Still LOTS of work to do if I don't want to collapse, but there is a lot of time! I'll keep you posted.. unless I faint!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On To My Next Challenge

Lets recap my 2007 so far, shall we? So far this year, my life has included the following:

  • Had a PERFECT baby boy in March

  • Turned *cough, cough* 50 in April

  • Had a daughter graduate from Law School in May

Not bad for a full year, huh? But I'm not done yet! Here is what I have left this year:

  • One son graduates from THE Ohio State University in June

  • My oldest daughter gets married in July

  • My other son graduates from THE Ohio State University in October

Not bad for one year huh?

The graduation last weekend went perfect, well, it went perfect and was very LONG!! Imagine 300 adults being named individually, walking across a stage, being "hooded", getting diplomas, and walking off. Not something I would recommend doing for the fun of it! But since one of my babies was there.. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Check it out...

So next on my list is another graduation, only this time we are talking about a few THOUSAND graduates at Ohio State! I've already been through 3 OSU graduations (2 undergrads and one masters), so I feel like I could do it myself!

On the running front, my running is still going great, for me anyway! Over 30 miles a week and feeling very good every run. But I did maybe do a stupid thing... I told Melisa I would run the half marathon at The United State Air Force Marathon on September 15th! My thought was that it would be a good warm up for her since she is running The Columbus Marathonon October 21st. But I wasn't really expecting her to say YES! So once again I've made a commitment to a woman and had second thoughts! Story of my life ;-)


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Law School Graduation!

As if I don't have enough to be proud of lately, my second oldest child, Kelly, graduates this Sunday from Law School!!!!!

Our trips out of the house these days are all about timing! Feed Connor a few minutes before we leave, and he's golden! The car trip puts him to sleep faster than Sanjaya's singing!

So hopefully we feed him, make the 2 hour trip to Columbus while he snores, meet my kids for a bite to eat somewhere, drop Connor at my oldest daughters house to babysit, and get to the graduation by 1:00! Whew.. I'm exhausted just writing about it! One of my twin boys will be putting me through this all over again next month! I should be getting good at this by now.

Connor bought his mommy the Nike+ iPod Sports Kit for Mothers Day. It's a very cool chip you lace to your shoe (or buy a very expensive pair of specially built Nike shoes) and your iPod keeps track of your workout. You can upload your workouts to the Nike web site where it gets logged and you can run all sorts of neat reports and graphs. I wouldn't trade my Garmin Forerunner 205 (Get yours yet Melisa?), but it's a very cheap and very cool device, especially if you already have a Nano.

But Connor did this for dad actually! Dad IS going to run a half marathon in the fall, and the sooner we get mom back on the road, the greater the likelihood she will train and run the half WITH dad *Dr. Evil laugh*!! We did the Disney Half back in 2004 and had a BLAST!!

Right now I am looking at running the half at the Columbus Marathon on October 21st. I ran the full YEARS ago ( 1988 actually, 3:42:15) and loved the course. How much more would I love it only having to do HALF of it?? ;-) I bet I could get special dispensation from Steve Runner to run this one for The Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon. Anyway, that's the plan right now.

My running is going SO well these days that I am running the risk of injury! I'm at a point, psychologically, that I want to run every day, and kind of far! I even ran 6 miles yesterday morning, then ran another 3.5 at lunch! But it just feels so darn good these days!

My running partner at the gym in the mornings and I have decided to start picking up the mileage on our Friday runs, in preparation for a half. So this Friday is either 7 or 8 miles. Good thing I can SIT during the graduation this weekend!

Now for the Connor Update...

Guess who is 7 weeks old today AND slept through the night last night? Yep.. Daddy's boy did!


Friday, May 11, 2007

How Far Will I go?

Check out this video of my little runner. It points out 2 things...

  1. Just how darn cute this kid is
  2. Just how GOOFY Dad will be to get him to smile!!!!

My running has been GREAT this week! Had 2 runs of 7 miles each and over 30 miles in 5 runs this week. Tomorrow (Saturday) will be a rest day! We are meeting my daughters soon-to-be in-laws for brunch. Think I should mess with her? ;-)

BIG day Sunday for the new Mommy in my house! Connor and I have a few surprises in store...

HAPPY HAPPY to all the mom's who stop by my little blog. No one appreciates the job you have more than I do!! Have a wonderful day and be safe!


Monday, May 7, 2007

The Perfect Weekend!

If you are in doubt about who was in CHARGE at the finish line of The Flying Pig Marathon this past weekend in Cincinnati, I would suggest you look to the person driving the GOLF CART!! Actually, I would more strongly suggest that you get to safe ground!!!!!!

12,000 runners to get ready for, beginning at 5:30 AM on Sunday morning. Not sure how I can say this, but WHAT A BLAST!

It all went off without a hitch. Well, let me rephrase that... We were able to pull things together and give the appearance that there were no hitches. Actually, until you get involved with a race this size, and this level, you cannot imagine the hitches that are thrown at you!!

In any case, give it a shot someday. Having run races, most of you half or full marathons, you already know how appreciative runners are to the volunteers. Cut a chip off, wrap a blanket around them, give then the much deserved medal, and you can almost bring a runner to tears.

And I'll make it easy for you.... Come help ME next year in this one!! ;-)

My Mother-in-Law came for a visit this past few days also and my wife and I were able to sneak away to see The Lion King! Did I mention that my wife is a Lion King NUT?? So even though this was our 3rd time to see it, it never gets old. It's worth the price! And if it's the first time out of the house in over 5 weeks, who cares how good it is? ;-)

My running is going GREAT the past few weeks. I think it's tied to the weather in some way. I had a 7 mile run last week where I felt like I could go on forever! I KNOW you know that feeling! Made my day! Ran over 30 miles last week, which is more than I have had in a long time. Feeling absoulutly GREAT!

I leave you with this weeks picture of my little Ohio State Buckeye. Can I get a