Friday, August 31, 2012

She is not one of us

So let me get the “Start being accountable Kevin” update off the table so I can get something else off my chest today.

Today is Friday and I would give my eating and exercising a “B” for this week. I am still getting my tires butt up and out of the door 5 very early mornings a week. Not setting any land speed records but as I understand it, slow if just fine for burning calories.

My eating is still far better from 7am to 5pm than it is from 5pm to 7pm. Makes no sense that I am eating so good for the first 10 hours of the day than I am the last 2. But that’s how it’s falling out. That’s where my room for improvement is. Nice to have something to work on huh? ;-)

Let’s move on to something way more related to my running than my recent kick in the butt stuff.

For the past few weeks, since I’ve been doing this early morning running stuff, I’ve come to see and recognize a few other crazy people either out running or walking (some alone and some with their dogs).

One person in particular is a woman who, in the rather bright glow of my neighborhood street lights, looks like an attractive 30’ish blond. Although I run on the sidewalks, she likes staying in the street, hugging the side of the road.

From the first day I saw her I raised a hand and gave her a smile and a cheerful “Good Morning”. In 100% of those friendly instances, in return I have been given a completely blank stare. Not a smile, nod of the head, wave, grunt, not even the finger! Lest you rush to her defense, let me also add she is not wearing ear plugs and does make eye contact.

Now I grant you that females need and SHOULD be very leery when out on the dark street alone. In fact, I have pretty much forbidden MY wife from running outside at that dark hour of the morning. I give you that. But this woman has already made a different decision. She is out there almost every time I am. So we have seen each other probably 4 days a week for 6 weeks now. If I was going to be of some danger to her, wouldn’t I have done something by now? I’m NOT saying she should relax or let down her guard. Unfortunately she probably should never do that. But what harm is there to return a smile? Nod your head at me, raise your hand, stick your tongue out, tell me to “F” off.. Something.

Anyway, there are far more important things to thing about while I run. My beloved Ohio State Buckeyes have their first football game tomorrow!!! And I DO think about lots of other, more important things while I run. But for 10 seconds, 4 times a week, for the past 6 weeks, I’ve had this one thought in my head as I past this woman…. “You are running, but you are not a runner. I’m a runner and I have hundreds of running friends. You are not one US”.


Alice said...

Maybe you should be afraid of her. Just sayin'. Runs in the street with sidewalk available. No eye contact. Early morning gloom. Sound like a vampire on her way back to her lair to me.

Kevin said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe she is shy, or can't see or hear you as well as you think. Just saying... When I was a teen in high school, some thought I was stuck up. When I got glasses, I could actually see others wave or smile when I walked down the halls!!!