Tuesday, October 2, 2012


As most, OK, probably ALL of you already know, I do this little running podcast in my spare time. Been doing that for over 5 years now and still having a lot of fun. You should try it!!

Anyway, one of the very cool things about podcasting is that it’s MY podcast and I can choose to say whatever I want! Imagine that! A man being able to say anything he wants!! ;-)

But it gets better! Not only can I say whatever I want, I can actually THINK about what I saying before I say it, kinda sorta. If I say something really stupid, like for example “My name is Kevin and what I say goes”, I can listen to it over and over BEFORE I publish it. I have veto power over what I say. Cool huh? How often have you let something slip out of your mouth and at the exact same second it escapes, you think to yourself YOU BUTTHEAD!!

Let me give you a real life example…..

Episode 103 of my podcast was supposed to have a little rant in it about my facebook page. Maybe your facebook page too. You see, every 4 years at this time of year I get overwhelmed by “friends” posting their political views.

Now don’t get me wrong, they have every right to express these views. In fact, I would rather them have views of some sort than be ambivalent and not care at all with what goes on in Washington. I do not, however, “friend” people on facebook to read about how stupid this group is or that group is because of these views.

By the same token, I love going to the movies, but I absolutely hate it when actors jump on their soapboxes and for some reason I should think the same what they do because they perform their jobs in a way that I admire.

It doesn’t stop with Hollywood. Singers do it as well. Whether or not I agree or disagree with Madonna’s political views, if I had dropped $200.00 to go to her concert to HEAR HER SING, I would have been pulling my hair out at her latest ridiculous antics. I would have screamed “PLEASE SHUT UP AND SING”!!

Did you listen to episode 103? If you did, did you like the part where I ranted about that? AH HA! Didn’t hear it did ya? It’s still in a little folder on my PC, that’s why. After a few days of reflection, I decided why say it? Why risk making someone angry. Why risk having someone tell me they don’t listen to the podcast to hear this stuff from me? Why risk someone running along with me and the podcast and scream “JUST SHUT UP AND TALK ABOUT RUNNING”!

So, I pulled those words back. I shoved them down my own throat. I’ll just skim right over their facebook posts and get to someone talking about their latest run, or race, of sweet picture of their kids and wish BADLY I could do that in real life when I say something I shouldn’t.

Gotta go now. Snooki is asking me if her new pair of jeans makes her butt look fat……

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