Monday, June 30, 2008

Back from vacation and ready for another one!

Four hours (one way) on a bus to get to New York to see the Reds play the Yankees and it was SO worth it!!! If you have never been to Yankee Stadium, you should get there this year before it's reduced to rubble. The history of that place is amazing. The Reds came out on the short end of the scoreboard, but rooting for the Reds was only my second reason for being there. What a cool place!

But it doesn't take an 8 hour bus trip to make a 15 month old happy! Thank goodness all THAT takes is a trip to the local school play ground. Remember when it was THAT easy to make yourself happy? Well I don't but it's that easy for me again!

On the running front, not a lot going on. Still getting out the door 4-5 times a week, but mostly leaving my enthusiasm at home. Not sure what's up with that, but I guess that will return soon enough.

I've been going to the track once a week for the past month for some interval work. It feels SO good AFTER I finish!!!

Just need to hang in another month for my trip to Chicago and more another long weekend of making myself happy!



CewTwo said...

Not much for baseball. I am glad that you enjoyed it, though. Did you see/meet/talk to Steve Runner?

It is getting too hot for running during the day/week/month now. I still do it, though. I just get to compalin a lot more now!

Susan said...

Great trip! And what a cute photo.

Perhaps you are dealing with the summertime "loss of the running moho." It IS that time!!!

Shaina said...

That's pretty much the cutest baby I've ever seen. Hurray for running, and hurray for babies!

IrishBlue said...

Hey Kevin, looks like a good vaca. The kid is still so darn cute. He should be a baby model.

Jade Lady said...

Thx for sharing the photo of Yankee stadium - glad u enjoyed your vacation - I feel the same way after vacation - I'm ready to go at it again right after I return!

And..that's what's great about kids -they teach us that sometimes the simple stuff is all that u need to be happy! Love the photo.

CewTwo said...

Thanks for the lead on the Nike shirt! I did nuy it and am going to wear it on my runs! Almost everyone I see hears, "Chicago Marathon in October" anyway!

Thanks, Kev!

You do still post once in a while, don't you?