Friday, March 22, 2013

Following up on "Being Pissed Off"

So, now that I've calmed down a bit from my last post, I thought it was time to explain exactly why I said that getting angry was a good thing.

I decided to do something different and record this posting while out on a nice walk through the neighborhood on a cold but sunny day. Probably back to "hunting and pecking" in my next posts.

Click HERE to listen or download the file.

Enjoy and share your thoughts if you like.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grrrr….. Now I’m pissed!! (At least I hope I am)

First of all, sorry for the French.

Being a rather mild mannered guy, there are few things that can get angry, and honestly, most of the time it’s at myself. A good thing I think. Getting angry seldom gets me what I want. Trust me.. 33 years in the service area of a company, talking to customers all day long, will cement the feelings that you can certainly catch more flies with honey than vinegar (I’m also not a fan of that idiom but it’s better than “Mad as a wet hen”, “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining”, “Better than a sharp stick in the eye”, and certainly “Don’t spit in another man’s face unless his mustache is on fire”)!

But in this case, I think (and hope) that a little anger is exactly what is called for!

So here’s the deal…. And let me start in the present and move backwards.

My runs the past several weeks, maybe months, have all been pretty crappy. Not just slow as hell. I can deal with slow. Actually, I’m pretty much over the whole running for speed stuff anyway. But I WILL not accept running not being fun anymore! I will NOT wake up in the morning and dread heading out for an hour of something I can’t live without.  No way I will sit here and tell myself running 2-3 times a week is fine. Taking a week off in the winter will HELP me. Feeling this way is expected at my age. All of it… BULL CRAP!

It’s not just the running stuff either. My whole energy level sucks. I’m not in the mood to roll around on the floor with the kids like I always do. I sit for 30 minutes, stand up and feel like I’m 80.

This is just NOT me.

But the good news here is it’s no mystery what’s going on here! I know exactly why I’m going through this! Curious aren't ya?  ;-)   OK, let me share, because this could just be YOU we are talking about!

I've become a FAT BASTARD!!!

Dang Gwin, lighten up on the foul language man! But I warned you… I’m pissed!!

Let’s recap, very quickly and briefly, the last 18 months of my life..

September, 2011: There I was, running 160 miles a month and averaging 6.2 miles every time I headed out. I was mostly using a 4/1 ratio and consistently holding a 10:30 per mile pace. My log shows me using terms like “Felt GREAT today”, and “Felt very good again”. I weight 176 lbs. at that time.

At 176 lbs.,  I was wearing clothes I hadn’t worn for years! I was looking forward to my next run the second I finished my last run. I was playing with the kids from the time I got home from work till they dropped off to sleep. All good stuff and I KNOW you know that feeling.

One month later, on October 10, 2011, I was summoned into my boss’s office where I found him sitting with an HR rep. Never a good sign. A short few minutes later I found myself staring into the ugly face of retirement/unemployment.

So, let’s continue our stroll down memory lane and jump to January, 2012, just 3 months later.

My old nemesis, Mr. Scale said 183 lbs. I had gained 7 lbs. but somehow managed to keep the running at 155 miles that month with an unchanged average of 6 miles. The notes in my log show I was still feeling strong, keeping mostly a 4/1 ratio. So, the added poundage so far doesn't seem to be an issue.

Back into the time machine for a quick stop 5 months later in June, 2012.

Total mileage was starting to fall off. I ran 146 miles that month. Still way acceptable. Again, the averages were hanging in at 6.1 miles per run too but I had switched to a 3/`1 ratio and my average per mile pace had slipped to 11:30. Granted, the weather turned very hot and the slowdown should be expected, but my notes show I was defiantly losing some Mojo. Add to all of this another 6 lbs., weighing 189 now. For those of you with a public education, that’s a total of 13 lbs. I was taking along on my runs with me.

Fast forward another 5 months and we find ourselves in November, 2012. Mr. Extra Miler found yet ANOTHER 6 lbs. (195 lbs. now) and managed only 94 miles that month. My average run was now 4.5 miles and my pace was close to 12 mins/mile. I see a lot of notes like “added more walk breaks” and “Should have taken the day off”. WTH!

One last trip forward and I bring you gently back to today.

When my alarm went off this morning at 5:00 am, I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to bag it! I laid there for a while, wrestling with myself. The deciding factor was that I had taken yesterday off and I just didn't want to take 2 days off in a row, not the best reason but it worked.

But what tiny bit of motivation I had when I dragged myself out of bed was gone by the time I was outside staring at my Garmin.

This morning’s run was miserable. Every mile that went by all I could think of was when the run would be over! My 5.2 mile run using my 3/1 ratio became a 4 mile run walking whenever I felt like it. And I felt like it a LOT! In case you care, I came back with a 13:25 min/mile pace!

While we are closing all the loops here, I weighed 195. Add it all up.. I’ll wait.. YEP, I have put on a total of 19 lbs. in a short 18 months.  NOW see why I am cussing?

So that’s where I am today. Wishing my runs were over early and wanting to smack myself in the head for allowing this to happen to me.

So when I calm down a bit and talk myself in off the ledge, I’ll post again and tell you why I’m kind of happy that I’m so pissed off. It might just help you too, assuming you are a fat bastard too  ;-)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


As most, OK, probably ALL of you already know, I do this little running podcast in my spare time. Been doing that for over 5 years now and still having a lot of fun. You should try it!!

Anyway, one of the very cool things about podcasting is that it’s MY podcast and I can choose to say whatever I want! Imagine that! A man being able to say anything he wants!! ;-)

But it gets better! Not only can I say whatever I want, I can actually THINK about what I saying before I say it, kinda sorta. If I say something really stupid, like for example “My name is Kevin and what I say goes”, I can listen to it over and over BEFORE I publish it. I have veto power over what I say. Cool huh? How often have you let something slip out of your mouth and at the exact same second it escapes, you think to yourself YOU BUTTHEAD!!

Let me give you a real life example…..

Episode 103 of my podcast was supposed to have a little rant in it about my facebook page. Maybe your facebook page too. You see, every 4 years at this time of year I get overwhelmed by “friends” posting their political views.

Now don’t get me wrong, they have every right to express these views. In fact, I would rather them have views of some sort than be ambivalent and not care at all with what goes on in Washington. I do not, however, “friend” people on facebook to read about how stupid this group is or that group is because of these views.

By the same token, I love going to the movies, but I absolutely hate it when actors jump on their soapboxes and for some reason I should think the same what they do because they perform their jobs in a way that I admire.

It doesn’t stop with Hollywood. Singers do it as well. Whether or not I agree or disagree with Madonna’s political views, if I had dropped $200.00 to go to her concert to HEAR HER SING, I would have been pulling my hair out at her latest ridiculous antics. I would have screamed “PLEASE SHUT UP AND SING”!!

Did you listen to episode 103? If you did, did you like the part where I ranted about that? AH HA! Didn’t hear it did ya? It’s still in a little folder on my PC, that’s why. After a few days of reflection, I decided why say it? Why risk making someone angry. Why risk having someone tell me they don’t listen to the podcast to hear this stuff from me? Why risk someone running along with me and the podcast and scream “JUST SHUT UP AND TALK ABOUT RUNNING”!

So, I pulled those words back. I shoved them down my own throat. I’ll just skim right over their facebook posts and get to someone talking about their latest run, or race, of sweet picture of their kids and wish BADLY I could do that in real life when I say something I shouldn’t.

Gotta go now. Snooki is asking me if her new pair of jeans makes her butt look fat……

Friday, August 31, 2012

She is not one of us

So let me get the “Start being accountable Kevin” update off the table so I can get something else off my chest today.

Today is Friday and I would give my eating and exercising a “B” for this week. I am still getting my tires butt up and out of the door 5 very early mornings a week. Not setting any land speed records but as I understand it, slow if just fine for burning calories.

My eating is still far better from 7am to 5pm than it is from 5pm to 7pm. Makes no sense that I am eating so good for the first 10 hours of the day than I am the last 2. But that’s how it’s falling out. That’s where my room for improvement is. Nice to have something to work on huh? ;-)

Let’s move on to something way more related to my running than my recent kick in the butt stuff.

For the past few weeks, since I’ve been doing this early morning running stuff, I’ve come to see and recognize a few other crazy people either out running or walking (some alone and some with their dogs).

One person in particular is a woman who, in the rather bright glow of my neighborhood street lights, looks like an attractive 30’ish blond. Although I run on the sidewalks, she likes staying in the street, hugging the side of the road.

From the first day I saw her I raised a hand and gave her a smile and a cheerful “Good Morning”. In 100% of those friendly instances, in return I have been given a completely blank stare. Not a smile, nod of the head, wave, grunt, not even the finger! Lest you rush to her defense, let me also add she is not wearing ear plugs and does make eye contact.

Now I grant you that females need and SHOULD be very leery when out on the dark street alone. In fact, I have pretty much forbidden MY wife from running outside at that dark hour of the morning. I give you that. But this woman has already made a different decision. She is out there almost every time I am. So we have seen each other probably 4 days a week for 6 weeks now. If I was going to be of some danger to her, wouldn’t I have done something by now? I’m NOT saying she should relax or let down her guard. Unfortunately she probably should never do that. But what harm is there to return a smile? Nod your head at me, raise your hand, stick your tongue out, tell me to “F” off.. Something.

Anyway, there are far more important things to thing about while I run. My beloved Ohio State Buckeyes have their first football game tomorrow!!! And I DO think about lots of other, more important things while I run. But for 10 seconds, 4 times a week, for the past 6 weeks, I’ve had this one thought in my head as I past this woman…. “You are running, but you are not a runner. I’m a runner and I have hundreds of running friends. You are not one US”.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's YOUR "Kick-in-the-butt"?

So, after a week I would have to give myself maybe a B- on this attempt at change.

My eating has improved, although not where I need it to be. Honestly, eating during the day has been very good. My selection/choice of foods is better with oatmeal, Greek yogurt and more fruits. But my dinner and evening snacking needs some work.

What may be happening is my calorie deficit during the day is a bit too strict causing me to head for the pantry when I get home. It is also, I think, causing me to eat too much for dinner. What is sometimes happening is that I am ruining a perfectly good day of “dieting” from 7:00am to 5:00pm with less than good eating from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. I’ve been able to be a very good boy at not eating anything after dinner.

So, I am thinking I need to maybe add more GOOD stuff during the day and see if that doesn’t help me do better during the evening. We will see.

On the exercise front, not a lot of change, but I wasn’t needing a lot there. I continue to run 5 days a week, although still very “labored”. I honestly don’t expect a change on the labored front until some of the eating changes have had more of a chance to kick in and help lose some weight and improve my overall feeling.

As we all know, during these times, we ALL look for things to help, reasons to stay on track. Anything helps. It may be putting on a pair of pants that doesn’t fit well anymore. Maybe that extra belt hole does the trick. CERTAINLY a labored run does it for this guy. But as time goes on, we need to make sure that if something doesn’t jump out and smack us in the face, we look for it.

This morning I was smacked in the face.

If you have been following my life at all, you know I am 55 years old and raising my second gorgeous and perfect family, one 5 year old son and two beautiful 3 year old daughters.

This morning, my son walked out of the front door at his daycare wearing a backpack and HUGE smile, and leaped onto a school bus for his first day at kindergarten.

Although this was no doubt a far more traumatic experience for my wife, the importance was not lost on Connor’s veteran father. And neither was the fact that the REAL reason I should give a darn about my health was staring me right in the face….. From a big yellow bus window!

This perfect kid has no idea, or at least doesn’t care that his dad is pretty much the oldest dad of all his friends. All he knows is when he’s ready to wrestle, I better be ready too. Or that even though dad might rather sit in a nice lounge chair and watch T-Ball practice from the sidelines, HE wants me on the field helping to coach.

So THERE is the reason to keep this going. THERE is the added kick in the fatter-than-normal butt I need. Now, all I need to do is put the feeling I had this morning when I watched him strut to the bus, and I have right now writing about it, in my pocket and remember to pull it out tonight should I head for the pantry when I get home from work!

Wish me luck, look for YOUR kick in the butt, and lets all do what we need to do.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"THE Plan", such that it is

Day 2 of “Come on Kevin, stop being a slacker” and all goes well.

Wednesdays my wife works from home and gets to sleep in a bit so I take them off so I don’t wake her any earlier than necessary. So, no running for me today but that’s OK. I have been taking 2 days a week off running and this is the usual one.

My eating is going well but let’s face it, it’s rather easy, or easier the first week. My motivation is high and it takes a whole week or two before the eating part really starts to eat at me (hehehe, I’m here all week folks).

I’ve been asked about my eating plan so I thought I would throw that out there and ask for suggestions/criticism.

I just can’t get myself to keep a detailed log of what I eat. I’m very good at doing it during the day while I am work. I use My Fitness Pal to track and log that. I like it a lot. You should check it out at You may find it helpful.

First of all, I need to determine how many calories I should shoot for each day. According to the tools at My Fitness Pal, to lose 1.5 lbs. per week, at my current weight, I need an intake of 1360 calories/day. Sounds kinda low to me but what the heck do I know? Good place to start.

So, my plan is to log my eating and exercise during the day. That will give me a very good idea of what I need to do in the evening.

Further, I really like the idea of eating the same foods for breakfast, snacks and lunch. Pick healthy and tasty foods and eat them day after day. It makes it a no brainer. No wondering if it’s good for me or what the calorie count is. So with that in mind, here’s my eating plan for weekdays along with some eating rules I have implemented:

• Breakfast is oatmeal. Calories= 200

• Morning and afternoon snacks are Greek yogurt, Calories = 130

• Turkey sandwich on wheat bread and a banana for lunch. Calories = 300

• NO eating anything after dinner. Nothing.

• No sweets. None. Not a couple of jelly beans. Nothing.

• Lots of water.

• Run at least 5 days per week.

Any more EASY suggestions? Don’t be shy but unless they are easy, and to me the ones above are easy, I just won’t stick to it.

And here’s something cool about using running to lose weight. Check out these numbers….

From what I listed above, when I leave work I will have consumed 760 calories. That’s actually 56% of my daily allowed total. Not too bad since my day/eating should be half over. BUT, when I run for an hour at an 11.5 minute pace, I burn 776 calories! So, in other words, on the days I run, I have all of my daily calories to consume for dinner in the evenings! It’s like I haven’t eaten at all until I sit down at the dinner table. Pretty cool huh?

Just THINKING about this little item above helps me get my butt outta bed for an early morning run. And I’ll take any help I can get!

There ya have it. On paper this makes sense. I may fail miserably during the execution, but at least I am semi-scientific about it. Beats the heck out of “I’ll just watch what I eat and exercise more and the weight will drop off”. If that works for you, more power to you, and I hate you! ;-)

Whatcha think?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Remember Me?

Well look who's back blogging! I can't promise for how long, nor can I really say it's for you.

In my opinion, people blog for themselves. They blog to get things off this chests. To put in "ink" things that have only appeared in their thoughts. Reasons for needing to do this are as varied as there are bloggers.

So, anyway, for what it's worth, here I am again, for now.

This week I've been spending another great week with family, including my hot wife Snookie, in the family resort town of Ocean City, New Jersey. So much for kids to do in his family oriented DRY county and we have been taking advantage of many of them. Enough to make the local economy happy I think.

With temperatures beginning each morning in the low 70's and climbing to the high 80's, I have been looking forward to doing what every runner thinks about while on vacation, RUNNING!

This place is a great running town. A 5 mile boardwalk with sights and sounds that could keep any runner occupied, waves pounding the beaches, and completely flat! What's not to love!

If I to turn the clock back to last November, which I HATE doing, I'd be employed at a company I worked for for the last 32 years and making more money than I probably deserved. My running would be at one of the high points we live for, running 6 days a week, averaging 6 miles and a pace somewhere close to 10 minutes miles using a 4/1 run walk ratio. For me, this was as good as it’s been in a long time.

All that was turned upside down after a 30 minute meeting with the HR department. Long story short, telephone companies are not doing well these days and I was a casualty. Think about it, how many of you have kids out on their own and a land line?? Damn those cell phones!

I have no intention of rehashing the last 10 months, but suffice to say there was a lot of suffering. Among the victims were my mojo, my running, and my weight and waist line.

Ahhhhh, the snowball from hell. It starts with a little depression. Being depressed leads to not wanting to run. Not running leads to weight gain. Weight gain leads to greater depression..... Need I go on?

So let's skip ahead to present day, August 2012.

The past months have seen a lot of miles added to my log, but virtually all "junk" miles. Shoes on, out the door, and 5 miles later heading to the shower tired and sweaty but probably not in any better shape for the last hour of my time.

I begin writing this on Friday, August 17, 2012, the last day of our family vacation here in beautiful Ocean City New Jersey. On this vacation, I have run 4 of the last 6 days. Up early and out the door at 6:30 in the morning so I can be back in time for breakfast with the family. It is during these runs I have come to the revelation that prompts me to blog once again.

My runs the last few months, including especially the runs here on the boardwalk, have been less than expected and hoped for. Not only has the pace been very very slow, I've been thinking of nothing but the finish line during what should have been perfect runs in paradise. Heavy breathing, more walk breaks than planned for, and 50 minutes of wishing my Garmin would hurry the hell up and get me to the 5 mile mark!

Here's the part that REALLY gets me going: there are two kinds of runners I see here, everywhere actually.

The first kind I call the "effortless runner". The effortless runner glides along at a pace that looks to other runners as Kenyan-like. Feet barely touching the ground, smile busting out all over, without a bead of sweat. These guys and gals really look like they could run like this forever and guess what, that's exactly how THEY feel! We have all had that run. Mid-way through a run you suddenly realize how darn good you feel. We all live for these runs!

The second type of runner I see is the "labored runner". This guy just looks miserable. He's running because he knows it's good for him. He runs so he can eat more for dinner, so he can have a few more beers this evening or so he can be cool and say "I'm a runner". Don't get me wrong, ALL great reasons to run. Perfect reasons to run actually. MY reasons for running.

But really, who the hell wants to be a labored runner? Who wants to suck wind, stare incessantly at your Garmin hoping the run is almost over, or add so many walk breaks you end up REALLY adding run breaks?? Not THIS GUY!!

So, I guess the real question is: If I am a labored runner, how do I become an effortless runner?

For me, FOR ME, I have been doing this long enough to know how to do it. The answer is far easier than the execution.

Let me put the answer this way:

Things I am doing when I’m a labored runner:

• I skip workouts

• I eat anything and everything I see, as often as I can. That includes way too many sweets.

• I fail to “watch what I eat”, meaning making sure I am eating the foods that make me feel good. That includes fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. No shocker there huh?

So what’s the BFD? Why do I find myself yo-yoing between the two every couple of years? Why would I do anything that would screw up that perfect run feeling? Let’s not go there, because honestly it just really makes me angry to stop and think about it. But before I move on, I’ll say one word…… WEAK!

Eating right, maintaining a healthy weight, and working out ALL lead to feeling great, period. But for some reason, I continually let all those benefits be eaten up, literally. Makes NO sense.

But the GOOD news is, I can’t FIX the issue until I define it. So, Issue, consider yourself defined.

Next obvious question is: Now What?

Ahhhhh the old now what question. Well that’s as obvious as the problem. Simply take all the things I do when I’m a labored runner and reverse them. Do the opposite. There, problem solved. Now to write a book and become a billionaire.

So if the solution is so obvious, why is it so damn hard to achieve? Or put a better way, what do I need to do differently, or add, to succeed? Know what I think it is? Know what I seem to add every time I am successful? ACCOUNTABILITY AND ANGER.

The anger part is the easiest. I just finished a vacation that was 99.99% perfect. The .01% all had to do with my lousy running in an area that should have been paradise to run in. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So what’s left is the accountability. That’s where this blog comes in. As I said, I’m doing this for me. Selfish Kevin! I really have no illusions that anyone other than me will actually read this stuff, but knowing that it’s out there for the entire planet to read does add a bit of accountability, and I need that badly to succeed.

So, I started a “diet” yesterday. Made a plan on what I would eat and when, and got through day one. *Pat on the back* This plan is easy. It’s a no brainer. Calories in vs. calories out. The devil on my left shoulder against the angel on the right.

From time to time, the plan calls for me to write an update on this blog of how the fight goes. What I have learned, what I have done right, and of course what I have failed at. Accountability.

So here goes. And may the best imaginary figure on my shoulders win!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So, it's been 15 years since I last did a marathon (Twin Cities, 4 hrs, 48 mins) and although it was a great marathon, it wasn't as much fun as it could/should have been.

The months of training I did left me on the couch most weekends trying to recover from my long runs. Although I was MUCH younger then, my body wasn't in the mood for 50+ miles with spead work thrown in for good measure, and I was ALWAYS on the verge of injury.

If I had a bad long run (slower than I wanted to run), I was in a bad mood until my next long run. If my speed work was not up to par, again I was agry until my next GOOD speed work session.

See a pattern here?

So for the past 15 years, running another marathon has never been far from my mind. The thoughts have usually been followed closely by "No way you can go through that again"!! And I still think that is the case, but....

What if there was a way I could train for a marathon and NOT spend the rest of the weekend or day on the couch? What if I could do it with a smile on my face? What if I could run 4 days a week and not have to put in 50+ miles?

Well, I've looked around, done a LOT of homework, and decided to swallow the Jeff Galloway Run/Walk/Run method!

If this stuff works, which I firmly believe it will, this next marathon, my 6th, will be the most fun I've ever had training for and running one!

So on February 1st, the first day of open registration, I entered the Chicago Marathon and have officially started this experiment.

And there is more... but I'm not just ready to announce the details yet. but soon... very soon.

So for a while, this blog will become my written documentation of how this deal is coming along.

Stay tuned....


Monday, August 10, 2009

Remember Me?

So what the heck has me back updating this blog? What could call me out of "retirement" and get me to post again?
How about a BIGGEST LOSER competition? Yea.. that might do it.
I was reading RUNNING TO DISNEY recently and saw a certain podcaster with a rodent fetish was on a diet and was looking for some accountability. At the same time, a running buddy of mune was "jawing" with me about losing some weigh so I figured why not throw down the gaunlet!!! So I did!
The contest began this morning ( Aug 10) with our oficial weigh in. It will last for 8 weeks, with an official weigh in every Monday Morning.
In the case of this rodent loving podcaster, the winner, or loser, depending on how you want to look at it, will get to host the others podcast for an episode.
So, I am looking for some help!! Got any ideas of the topic or show improvements I can make on his show when I host? ;-)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Treading Water

I'll come up for air soon!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Plans Going Well

So one of my 2009 plans included getting into the weight room WAY more often than in 2008. This would mean lifting about 10 time all year since 2008 was a very BAD year for that.

So far, I've been a very good boy (for me), getting a lift in twice a week for the past few weeks.

It's funny, it's harder for me to get that done because I don't enjoy lifting like I do running, but AFTER I am done lifting, I feel very good. I just need to keep reminding myself how good I will feel after I'm finished. Piece of cake..

My running is going pretty good too. And by good I mean 3-4 times a week for about 20 miles a week. Won't be running any marathons of "Goofy Challenges" on that but it's a nice base.

Spent the whole weekend a couple of weeks ago watching my father in law paint the twins room. It was EXHAUSTING let me tell you!!! Got the beds and furniture all set up and decorated so we are all set. All we need now is a set of little gorgeous poop machines to fill it up. All goes perfectly on THAT front as well.

Just hanging in and playing the waiting game so far.... Stay tuned...


Friday, January 2, 2009

Lets get It Started!

Finally! The gifts (WAY too many of them by the way) are all opened, trash taken out, and it's time to get this new year started.

This year, once again, is going to be a BIG one for me and my growing family!

Here are some of the highlights that I know of, coming up:

  • My son Connor turns 2 in late March

  • New TWINS will be born in early March

  • My oldest daughter is due with my first grandchild in early June!!!

So, as you can imagine, my head will be spinning yet again this year! And this is only what I know about! We all know we have to expect the unexpected also!

So, you can imagine how important my health and exercise is going to be in the new year! It's no longer trying to get/stay in shape for a 2 year old. It's now more a question of SURVIVAL!!! The last time I was in this spot, (yes, I HAVE been in this spot before) I was 25 years old!!!! I'll turn 52 this April.

Enough of an incentive? One would sure think so, and I do too, but we shall see.

I've been wanting, and more importantly NEEDING, to put a WAY bigger emphasis on my weight lifting and muscle building, for the past couple of years. Truly, I am in very good shape aerobically. I won't win a marathon this year, nor RUN one, but I run 4-5 days a week and average 20 - 25 miles a week. Plenty to stay in shape.

But, although I know how important it is, I can't get myself to enjoy weightlifting like I do running, and so it doesn't last. THAT HAS TO CHANGE!!

So, that's the plan! Wish me luck and stick around to see how things turn out!!!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays


Wishing you and your families a happy and blessed Holiday.

Be safe and...


Friday, November 21, 2008

Kevin's Running Revelations


After 25 years of running, including 35,924.5 miles and 5781 runs, every now and then I get what I call a "Kevin Revelation" during a run. During my run yesterday, I had one that I thought it my duty to share with you. So here goes....


No need to thank me.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome Back Kevin

After a LONG time without blogging, I'm back. Hopefully on a more regular basis.

We spent some time last week in the beautiful state of Florida in a condo on the beach. It always amazes me to see how much money there is along the beach front!!

As with every vacation I take, I ate WAY too much and once back, feel like a real slug.

Got a couple of nice runs in while I was there. But today is my last day of vacation and it's time to get serious again!

So can you believe it??? TWINS?? After my WILD 2007, I'm now in for another WILD ride in 2009. Let me recap...


  • turned 50
  • 1 kid graduated from college
  • 1 kid graduated from Law School
  • had a new baby (might need to re-read this one)
  • 1 kid got married

Yea, all that in one year! So now, after a very boring 2008 ;-) I need to ramp up for 2009 when I have this going on...

  • new TWINS in March!!

Yes, that's right. My oldest daughter who got married in 2007 is now pregnant and is due June 6. So, I'll have a 2 year old and twins babies in March AND will be a grandfather in June!! (Head spinning)

So over the next week or so I will be reevaluating my work outs and eating habits AGAIN. I'm going to need all the energy I can get and I'm not built for that right now!

Wish me luck!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I know many of you already know about this, from episode 156 of Phedippidations, and it's true...

My wife and I are expecting TWINS this March!!

Lots more to come, after I pick myself up off the floor.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Be patient. It's ALMOST time to spill my guts!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ever have some news you can't wait to share but can't yet because you are told you have to ZIP IT???

But I've said too much already. You better just keep checking back. ;-)


Monday, August 4, 2008

Long Time No Blog

I know, I know, it's been like 10 years since I've blogged! Part of it has been because I've been rather busy, part of it is because I've been in a podcast/blog funk. You know, just not generally in the mood.

But we really have been rather busy enjoying the summer together, doing lots of cool family stuff.

We made a long weekend trip to Chicago recently where we took Connor to The Lincoln Park Zoo.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is an awesome zoo right on the lake in Chicago that just happens to be FREE! I am serious! It's FREE! Not cheap, FREE!

And I don't mean FREE ZOO as in some "Carnies. You know, circus folk. Very small hands. Smell like cabbage." kind of way! It's an awesome zoo! If Chicago is in your future, check it out!

On the running front, it's been WAY worse than my family fun this summer. I'd have to say that on the "roller coaster of running", I'm definitely on the down hill side.

It started a few weeks ago when I ran twice in one day (total 10 miles) and started feeling some pain behind my left knee. Over the next few days, the pain moved down my leg and resulted in a swollen leg.

I finally went to the doctor and was sent for an ultrasound to run out any danger of a blood clot.

$500.00 later, no blood clot but a possible muscle tear in some muscle I can't remember nor pronounce anyway. I also twisted the same knee carrying luggage to the car for our Chicago trip and was unable to run for a few days!

You try going to Chicago and NOT running! That town (at least down by the lake) is running HEAVEN! But being there and NOT being able to run is running HELL!

The knee is improving SLOWLY, I think, but still not where I want it to be.

And of course, as is always the case, when the roller coaster is on the down hill side, my weight is always on the uphill side! Coincidence? I think not.

So it would seem I have my work cut out for me on that front.


Monday, June 30, 2008

Back from vacation and ready for another one!

Four hours (one way) on a bus to get to New York to see the Reds play the Yankees and it was SO worth it!!! If you have never been to Yankee Stadium, you should get there this year before it's reduced to rubble. The history of that place is amazing. The Reds came out on the short end of the scoreboard, but rooting for the Reds was only my second reason for being there. What a cool place!

But it doesn't take an 8 hour bus trip to make a 15 month old happy! Thank goodness all THAT takes is a trip to the local school play ground. Remember when it was THAT easy to make yourself happy? Well I don't but it's that easy for me again!

On the running front, not a lot going on. Still getting out the door 4-5 times a week, but mostly leaving my enthusiasm at home. Not sure what's up with that, but I guess that will return soon enough.

I've been going to the track once a week for the past month for some interval work. It feels SO good AFTER I finish!!!

Just need to hang in another month for my trip to Chicago and more another long weekend of making myself happy!